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It’s over. WHAT TO DO NOW???

I am finding it hard to write this. I’ve seen Deathly Hallows part two twice now. First was the midnight showing, my friend and I dressed up. When we got here nobody else was dressed up bahahaha. That would be morto but we just had the attitude that ‘ah, fuck them. Dry shites.’ So we walked around with our heads high and posed for a picture in which we “dueled” I maintain I won. She wingardium leviosa me. I crucio’ed her.

By the end of the film we were ready to crucio the film makers. So much was altered/cut that the fanatic fan in me wasn’t a happy bunny. I couldn’t even speak. When family asked how was it I was hit by a tongue tied curse and could only do this weird half nervous half mad laugh and shrug my shoulders.
No Albus/Gellert. No Wormtail death, no Wormtail at all. He seemingly got away it with. They didn’t do the Molly/Bellatrix fight justice. They both looked shocked that the other was firing at them. It was too quick and had none of Bellatrix’s cocky, taunting nature. The Neville/Nagini annoyed me as it’s so perfect in the book I was annoyed it was so altered. Ariana looked in her twenties. They took out the a lot of the best McGonagall lines and bits that I was very annoyed that they ‘ruined’ her. THE kiss was terrible. And above all else the actors just didn’t seem to put the passion into it. The Grey Lady was fantastic as she seemed to be the only one who did put heart and soul into her scene. And please, do NOT get me started on Ginny. SHE RUINS EVERY SCENE!!!!

Second viewing was Friday night. I went in as the film buff and determined to judge it as a film, not as a film based on a novel.
I must say I enjoyed it IMMENSELY more that way. I laughed and teared up and got so much more less angry. Still got angry that Ginny ruined the scene in the Great Hall. What the fuck was that? *you want harry you go through me first* Pur-lease! Film Ginny you are WEAK. In the words of Tom Conti’s character in Friends “I could kill you with my thumb, you know”
I accepted the Neville/Nagini scene. It made for better edge of your seat snizzle so I understand why it went down that way. McGonagall, while she didn’t get the great scenes that I love from the books, and the best line “…then Horace, we duel to kill”, she did get so fucking ace scenes! *Ginny take note: THAT is how you put yourself in front of Harry! You stupid bitch!*

I LOVED the awkward Voldemort/Draco hug *OTP? lol* And don’t get me started on the Voldemort laugh – oh god I want that so much as my ringtone!
Again they made out that Snape liked Harry. I don’t understand why. I think “For him” should have been left in so it was clearer that it was all always only for Lily. I loved the Snape/dead Lily scene. And Snape’s death too. That was brilliant because it was unseen and it was just *thud thud thud* The Forest Again scene. ❤
And I know I say I don’t like HBC as Bellatrix, I honestly don’t. But not because she is bad or terrible, she just isn’t MY Bellatrix. But seing her as Hermione she had Emma down to a TEE! She is such a superb actress!

Over all it was a great film, so much action happening, it didn’t really let up. For the ending of such a saga I think it really did the whole thing justice. Some things still niggle. As I mentioned half of the actors didn’t put enough emotion into scenes. Harry emerging from the portrait comes to mind. And really – no death scene for Fred. I was so disappointed in that. Both as a fan and as a film fan. I really think they could have pulled the heart strings a lot more than they did. It was just not as sad as it should have been for such a film. The death of Fred should have made the cut.

By the “19 years Later” part, aside from the whole place pissing themselves laughing, it really just hit me: it’s over. I got really, really sad! I think that one scene of an older Harry made me want to cry more than any of the deaths, the Forest Again scene or the Princes Tale.

It’s over: All is well.



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