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Saw Deathly Hallows again yesterday. (Third time I know, I’m weird.) Oh but it’s brilliant. Really, really.

I cried this time oddly enough. It was just a single tear thing at Fred’s death, Snape/Lily, and the Forest Again scene. It was no way near the mess I made of my face when I last cried at the cinema (The Boy in the Stripped Pyjamas) thankfully.
But for some reason it hit me more this time and even when nothing major was happening I had to swallow a lump in my throat. Just the sound of Ron’s sobbing over Fred’s body. Then for some reason when Snape is cradling dead Lily in his arms, the image of a baby Harry crying in his cot just hit me and it seemed the worst part of that whole scene. Like Snape’s anguish was just too much that he couldn’t absorb the fact that he wasn’t alone in the room. His eyes were purely for Lily as they always had been.
Then the Forest Again scene was so sad. Having Lily echo Snape’s final word “Always” was just a perfect touch, and that too made me start. I am so pleased it was an early enough showing and in the largest scene in the cinema so not many saw me wipe at my eyes.



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