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Cursed Child

It is officially out. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Hoggis and Figs in the city centre had an official HP themed night leading up until the midnight release. For those who thought Potter-mania was over, it was clear once the line beginning in Dawson street and wrapped around until it reached Grafton Street they were wrong.
It looked fun. They had a wizard band, spell competitions etc Raging I didn’t go and drag my nephew with me (you know, so I wouldn’t look TOO much of a loon) but I don’t want the temptation of having the book there.
How on earth am I going to last until October?
Damn you crappy planning on behalf of the theatre!!! I had early access to purchasing tickets. I went out of my way to achieve pre-book acceptance. Then, when the time came I waited dutifully for over an hour to be next in line to actually purchase tickets. Then what? Then it was MAC incompatible. MAC INCOMPATIBLE!!! In this day and age ffs. When everyone and their mother has an iPhone, iPod, iPad or/and the rest. MAC INCOMPATIBLE.
I could have had tickets for August. I wouldn’t have had too long of a wait. All I have now is this extreme example of a first world problem!



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