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Season 4 – Black Sails

Those big teasing bastards over on the Black Sails crew know what they are doing! Teasing us mightily with only 30 seconds of a trailer for season four.

Who is speaking the voice-over? Who is being dragged along the beach? Are they dead? Is that snow or ash falling around Max? Will Max lose everything and fearing for her life go into hiding and take an alias and become Mary Read? Will she and Anne run off into the sunset? Will Flint survive? What causes Silver to become “the only man Flint ever feared?” Will we see a broken Billy enter the Admiral Ben Brow? Will Flint and Silver stop eye fucking each other and actually fuck? SO MANY QUESTIONS. Only ONE more season left to answer. Exciting times from the best show on television.


Edit: Freeze on 0.24 is the body being dragged missing a leg? 😮
I originally thought the person dragging it was Rackman and he was perhaps dragging an injured Anne. But perhaps Billy dragging an injured Silver away from the final battle. They rest on the beach and watch the waves roll in and out. Fin. (Although it’s definitely not Billy. I still think it’s Rackham.)






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