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The Queen Vic

Autumn is well and truly here. I carry around with me a combination of sunglass and a brolly in my bag and the knob on the shower has been dialled up two notches in order for us not to freeze my backside off while washing.

What is also here is the usual dose of period drama. The overhyped and Dallas-esque plotted Downton Abbey has finished up so there was a hole of lavish sets and scrumptious costumes missing in ITV’s schedule that has been filled by Victoria.

Here is the part where I spilt into two. The historian in me cries “this is not factually accurate.” While the romantic in me (yes, there is a romantic in here! It’s just buried deep, deep down) has fallen so hard for the Victoria/Lord Melbourne relationship.

Oh my heart was breaking for Lord M in last nights episode. “Only a fool would turn you away.”

I know he will be taking a backseat, as they say, and it’ll be time for Albert to shine (played excellently by the always wonderful Tom Hughes) in further episodes (particularly since they are making him more of a man of the people and Lord M less – which is apparently historically correct) but I am just waiting on the DVD now so I can relive all the Vicky/Lord M stuff over and over.


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Season 4 – Black Sails

Those big teasing bastards over on the Black Sails crew know what they are doing! Teasing us mightily with only 30 seconds of a trailer for season four.

Who is speaking the voice-over? Who is being dragged along the beach? Are they dead? Is that snow or ash falling around Max? Will Max lose everything and fearing for her life go into hiding and take an alias and become Mary Read? Will she and Anne run off into the sunset? Will Flint survive? What causes Silver to become “the only man Flint ever feared?” Will we see a broken Billy enter the Admiral Ben Brow? Will Flint and Silver stop eye fucking each other and actually fuck? SO MANY QUESTIONS. Only ONE more season left to answer. Exciting times from the best show on television.


Edit: Freeze on 0.24 is the body being dragged missing a leg? 😮
I originally thought the person dragging it was Rackman and he was perhaps dragging an injured Anne. But perhaps Billy dragging an injured Silver away from the final battle. They rest on the beach and watch the waves roll in and out. Fin. (Although it’s definitely not Billy. I still think it’s Rackham.)




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Slan Leat

I’ve been very unwell lately. Both physically and mentally. Will be taking a break from online stuff for a while. Hopefully the doctors will figure out what is wrong with me and it won’t be for very long.

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I am myself in autumn

I’m in a melancholy mood today. The Irish weather has taken a turn towards the coolness of autumn’s air. I am always mournful of past days when the cold weather comes rolling through.

I hope Berlin is having similar weather. I want to stroll German streets and soak up the atmosphere with a cool refreshing breeze blowing through the trees and my hair. I don’t want to fake happiness, which I always feel sunshine makes me do.

I am myself in autumn.

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150 Favourite Films (11 – 20)

11. The ‘Burbs 1989
(Genre: Family/Comedy)

There are certain films in childhood that you loved, but upon watching them as an adult they either lost their charm or didn’t age well. The ‘Burbs is not one of those childhood films for me. I love it as much now as I did then. I think I’m mentioned it before on this blog? Definitely one of my all time favourites. It was a film both my brother an myself adored and I can’t help but think its a movie very much for kids. As an adult, an easy life is what you want, but as a kid the desire is to have that mysterious house with its dark secret in the neighbourhood.

“There go the goddamn brownies.”

12. Rope 1948
(Genre: Thriller)

There will be more than one Hitchcock film on this list. He isn’t considered a master for no apparent reason. But I will be avoiding some of the obvious of his films such as The Birds, Rear Window etc While they are great, they are not my favourites. Rope, on the other hand is brilliant. I know what happens. I’ve seen it too many times not to remember how it ends. Yet I find myself with a sore back each time I view because subconsciously I inch further and further to the edge of my seat as the climax comes. Love it!

13. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 2004
(Genre: Family)

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