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I am avoiding Facebook – or that should be I am limiting my time on Facebook as I still use it for Messenger. It’s best for my sanity that I do. It is a constant stream of five things:

  1. Pictures of my friend’s kids. CONSTANTLY. At least six pictures a day of the same kid. Same kid. Same outfit. Just a different stupid fucking look on the kids face with an ‘awww (s)he did this today.’ FYI NOBODY CARES!!!! The only people who care is quiet possibly those on your friend list who have paedophilia inclinations.
  2. Pictures of food. I don’t give a fuck in Gordon Ramsey himself created the dish, food does not photograph well and it just looks like vomit.
  3. “Has any1 got de number for *blank*?” No we don’t. Fucking google it. In the time it took you to post that status, google would have found you that number, you lazy, illiterate fuck!
  4. The ‘I’ve had a fight with my significant other and I am complaining bitterly and vaguely about the collapse of our relationship’ status. These are always vague enough to get a “You ok hun?” comment – which is never replied to, it is just Liked by the Poster – but clear enough to inform everyone on the friends list that the relationship is at a total end because of some hideous behaviour from your partner.
  5. The photo after the collapse of the relationship of you both hugging, smiling, a pint sitting in front of you. It is the ‘all is forgiven. Aren’t we the happiest and most in love couple ever? Aren’t you jealous?’ photo. Nope! You’re just a moron who allows your partner to treat you like shite and you continuous accept them back.

I am done with these people.

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Tired of these “celebs” and their overpaid ways

Now, I rarely download. Barely ever in fact. And when I do it’s because it’s either a live bootleg of a concert that can’t be bought in CD form, or it’s something I already have a CD of – my hard drive is a temperamental little bitch and works only when she wants to. So say I want an album on my iPod now, and my hard drive won’t work. I’ll download said album and put it on my iPod. I see no harm in that, since I already purchased the CD, but I’m sure someone else would probably disagree with me though? I don’t download films – I despise watching stuff on my computer and rarely do it, even if it’s something I really want to see. I prefer to await the DVD/box-set. It’s also because I love having a hard copy of something. I love to see my DVD and CD collections grow. For a collector and a hoarder like myself, it’s one of our loves in life. But this all said, I felt slightly cheated the other day when Bruno Mars was cleared of cocaine possession. I had, only two weeks before, purchased his album. Then I find out that he had this coke possession case dismissed because he did some weeks in a drug education programme and some community service. So basically, I forked out twelve euro (that lets face it, I really could have used to put into savings for the new washer/dryer we need at home) of my meager wage for a guy who has so much money he can waste it by snorting it up his nose. I FEEL CHEATED! Yes, I know. I didn’t HAVE to buy music. Just like he doesn’t have to snort cocaine. But I see a major different between the two. And I’m getting very bleeding annoyed at these online ads that crap on about the evils of piracy. I no longer care anymore that the music industry is losing money, not when the money it does get goes up industry peoples nose, into their veins and into the back pockets of drug dealers.
I will never buy a Bruno Mars album again. I’ll download that shit from now on. If even that!

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I want my BBC4…stick your MTV Dire Straits

It seems that they are taking away my beloved BBC4 television channel. According to reports it’s either being scaled down or will cease to air. Either way I’m really pissed.
How can they do this? How can they even consider doing this? BBC4 is easily the best channel when it comes to interesting documentries, one off drama’s and series from other countries. It’s the one channel I spend my majority of my viewing time on. I can’t wait until 7pm rolls around in the evening for it to begin it’s broadcasting. Especially now that Only Connect is back.

I’m only getting over NTL (who I get my cable from) doing the dirty on me when they stopped broadcasting ITV3. Now this. What the hell will I watch now? Oh I know, the Irish channels who do versions of everything that is a hit elsewhere in the world (In the past we’ve had equilivants of Irish Big Brother, Irelands Got Talent *apparently do not have any.* and some god awful shittacular rip off of The Office.) The only thing good we tend to do is crime related drama such as Love/Hate, but I’m not into that. If I want to emerse myself in crime and drugs I’ll talk with the neighbours.
Or I could watch the soaps…or perhaps not. Or reality television programs…I mean those are top notch, entertaining, models of great TV, aren’t they? Z-list celeb’s locked in a house, morons with dreams and ideas of grandeur, or people getting to know perspective partners in the dark. That’s culture right fucking there! Continue reading “I want my BBC4…stick your MTV Dire Straits”

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Now she’s trying to shit all over Austen

Is it not fucking bad enough she ruined vampires for me, but meyer is now stomping her fat hoofs all over Austen (hoofs because she is a cow, getit getit?)

She is producer (She now believes she’s a movie producer. Oh good shite in hell!) on Austenland (Yes, that is seriously the name. Original isn’t it) which is based on the book of the same name by Shannon Hale. (Note to self: do not buy that book. It is crap by association. Plus the synopsis is wank.)
It’s a romantic comedy in which we find our heroine is an Austen fanatic, or more importantly in luuurve with Darcy. (Sound familiar? For those of you who caught the ITV series Lost in Austen or Bridget Jones’ Diary it will be.) She ventures to an Austen theme resort in merry old England and ends up falling in love with the guy who plays Darcy.
And if that isn’t enough to entice the non-believers it hosts a impressive cast of who’s who in Hollywood. (Keri Russell, Burt McKenzie, Jennifer Coolidge and Jane Seymour. No serious, who? The one who’s career went down the crapper after she cut her hair and Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman. Really?!?!)

But I’m being deliberately harsh here. It could be good. I doubt it, but you’d never know. I didn’t have much hope for Lost in Austen, but thoroughly enjoyed that. Plus meyer is only a producer, it’s not like she’s writing it. How bad can she really fuck it up just being a producer? Wait don’t tell me, it’s best I don’t know: she’ll probably insist Mr Darcy sparkles or something. (and you just know there’ll be a lake scene)


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God, I hate humanity

I tell you, there is nothing like a natural disaster striking to show you just how many good hearted people there are in this world. People who rally and help, people who donate time and money and who are generally touched and saddened to tears by the horrendous images coming from Japan right now. 
Then again, there is nothing like a natural disaster to show you just how many cunts there are too!

Take these bunch of cunts!

Allow me to rant…
Continue reading “God, I hate humanity”

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It’s Christmas eve. And they cut the water.

It’s Christmas fucking eve, and they cut the fucking water. What a shower of dirty rotten bastards!!!

Not only have we had to deal with four hours of water a day for about three weeks now, they cut it at fucking Christmas too.
They said the water limitations would not be put in place for Christmas eve or Christmas day. “We wouldn’t ruin Christmas on people.”

Shower of lying CUNTS!!!

Now I can’t even have a fucking bath.

Goodwill to all men, me bollix. Take Christmas and fucking shove it this year!

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Damn it all to hell. Barely surviving as it is.

I knew not to open my damn mouth – or should that be move my damn fingers.

As you may remember I posted a little while ago about a certain trip to Florida, in particular a want to visit and become bankrupt by the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Well I spoke to soon. It ain’t going to happen. Not next year at least. Boo- fucking-urns!!!

We knew our economy was in the shits, but we didn’t honestly know how badly the Elephant man and Co. screwed us the fuck over. Now Europe is involved and bailing us out of it for fear we drag their asses down. Not even a hundred years of freedom and we’ve actually fucked our country and countrymen over more than the Brits ever did in their whole 800 years over here.
Shower of inept bastards! I firmly believe Irish people shouldn’t be trusted with anything. We’re far too inept, lazy and interested in cutting corners. Really, think about it, have you even heard of an Irish serial killer? No, you haven’t. We much prefer to be having the craic down the pub and serial killing sounds too much like having a full time job. *Shudder* The horror.
Actually, I tell a lie. The only Irish people you can consider as serial killers are Burke and Hare. But that is just going with my theory because they were supposed to be grave robbers, but they were too fucking lazy to actually rob any graves. So they supplied victims with so much alcohol and sat on them.
Kinda like what Cowen has been doing for years. He’s got us blind drunk, now comes the suffocation. And lord help us, because that is some large fat arse on him!