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CeeCee is not grasping the whole ‘growing old’ thing well. She is hitting the big 4 0 this year and I don’t think she realises the significance.

Age is tricky. You don’t see the passing of time until you look back. You still feel as you did in your twenties so you assume you are one of those Seth Rogen types – the adult-child who either refuses to or can’t grow up – yet, when you think about it, you are actually an adult and do the responsible adult things (occasionally) the problem is, when you were young the adults were your parents. They knew stuff. They took care of stuff. They seemed to have their shit so together you never once doubted that everything was being seconded-guessed. That they too had that niggling voice in the back of their heads telling them their choice is wrong. As a kid you think adult-you will be so together and just KNOW shit. You don’t realised you’ll be winging it as life goes by you fast as lightning. Adults are essentially like professional dancers. They make it look easy and you don’t see the hard work and dedication that goes into it. Or at least the good adults are.

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Sisterly bonding?

I’ve been spending far too much time with my sister lately. The effects are beginning to show.

Not only are we now finishing each others sentences, but…brace yourselves…she WILLINGLY watched a Harry Potter. *faints like a Edwardian Lady*

I brought Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone up to her house two weeks ago determined that I shall have at least one of my ten nephews to share a love of Potter with. He is the youngest, so I had hopes to strike young, like the Hitler Youth did.
Instead, the little fecker was having absolutely none of it. Boo!
When I said I had a little surprise for him his little face lit up. When I continued on and said ‘Harry Potter on DVD’, well, if looks could cast an Avada Kedavra I’d be posting this blog from my own personal Hogwarts looking heaven.
Strangely enough my sister still insisted I should put the DVD on and she and myself shall watch. With in turn brought in her other two who grudgingly enjoyed it too. Mwahaha, Potter always gets you in the end!

So there we were, sis and I. Not saying a word and just listening to the radio when she says “Don’t forget the second Harry Potter. We can watch one and week and by the time the new film comes out I can go with you to see it.”
Well, knock me down with a feather, if I wasn’t already warming my ass on her newly upholstered car seat.

So we watched Chamber of Secrets. I’m not sure if she liked it as much as the first one, but come on, we all know Prisoner of Azkaban (which is this week) is the best of the early films. Lupin AND Sirius. Yay!!!

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Random Conversations #3

For a while now my sister has been talking about finding a new religion. What with new abuse stories being in the papers each day she is a little dis-hearten with the whole Catholic Church. So a few weeks ago she mentioned she’d like to be Jewish. That fleeting thought was then squashed when I happened to mention they don’t eat from a pig – “Do they not? Ah fuck that so. I love my fry on a Sunday morning.”

Then last night, we had another one of our usual random talks about nothingness which started when an add for SuperQuinn came on the TV.

Sis: You know what. I’m gone off meat lately.

Me: This mean your gonna give being a Jew ago?

Sis: Oooh, yeah. I could, couldn’t I.

Me: Whatever you do, don’t mention it to ma. I said I’m thinking of becoming Jewish the other day and she told me “ya will in your arse”

Sis: *surprised* Are you thinking about changing religion too? I’m gone off those priests. We should do it together. Don’t mind ma.
OK, thats that. We’ll become Jews so. Now, I just have to find out what they believe in.

Me: You’re an idiot!

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As Johnny Logan sang – what’s love got to do wit…no, wait, that’s not right

You know what I would love. You know the advert for the vodka – the one where they’re in the forest, partying, all dressed up looking like a Florence and the Machine video? I would love that for my birthday party!

Those paper lanterns things hanging from, and entwined with the trees. Girls in flowy white dresses looking like fairies. Everyone happy and having a fun time *sigh* It’s a nice dream. But as it stands I can’t even get them out for a meal and a few drinks.

Aside from one friend everyone else has cancelled. Don’t get me wrong, everyone has their own lives and I get that. I’m the unemployable asshole with all the free time in the world.  I totally understand that they’ve things like money and jobs to worry about and that’s why I say “it’s totally fine”, because it is.

It’s just a little saddening too. I never get anything good. And it’s never “my” day. I share it with my twin nephews, and though my mam always tries to make it about me, it never feels like it is.

We’re not the type of family who put thought into presents – aside from myself and my eldest sister –  you get 20 in a card. And that’s if you’re lucky enough to get an actual card. So you don’t feel special with all the wonderful, thoughtful gifts you get. And you especially don’t feel special when your oldest brother brings around gifts for your twin nephews and nothing for you and then says “It’s your birthday too? Since when?”
Erm…well since about 27 years, actually. Oddly enough it falls on this same date, every year. How odd is that, eh?

I think it needs to sink in that I’m probably a bit too old to think birthdays should still be nice to have. I don’t think I’ve had a good one since I was 12. And I don’t even recall that being the greatest – I just remember every kid and friend off the road out the back playing with the stuff I got (you know the type – plastic tennis rackets with the sponge ball, hula hoops etc – basically what you bought a typical child of the 80’s) but me wandering out to my mam who stood, as was her norm, at the front gate just breathing in the fresh air – albeit puffing on a smoke too.
I must have been a loner then because I still remember it clearly – and I remember nothing that clearly back then, my eye sight was bad and it was before my wearing glasses – she asked why I wasn’t out the back playing with my friends. My reply was simply “they’re not my friends, your my best friend.”

It’s still the very same, all these years later.

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Sunday, Sunday *da da da da da da*

I was having such a wonderful day today. I was so happy doing sod all. It was a day for TV.

Sundays I adore for one reason; documentries. I generally spend early Sunday mornings watching something on the Discovery or the History channels.
I gave the digi-box a break this morning though. I, during the week, purchased a box set of Vampire documentires all for a glorious tenner. Score!
It was either vampires or Hitler. I stood there vampire one hand, Hitler the other, summing up which one I wanted most. Vampire Secrets it was!

I stand by my choice. I knew half the facts about the origins of the vampire myths, half the story behind Bram Stokers life, but it was all very interesting nonetheless.

Next up was my Michael Sheen marthon, on account of him being the captain of the ‘Rest of the world’ team in this years Soccer Aid. I’m currently watching as he admits his man crush on Ryan Giggs 🙂
After this its Blood Diamond. Fantastic film!

It’s just a shame today has been tainted with Cee annoying the hell out of me, the ungrateful cow!

It was her birthday on Friday so we got her charms from her bracelet. Turns out they weren’t the exact charms she likes, so she wanted to change them. Fair enough, but when I joked that the new ones are ‘tacky’ and our ones where nicer she said the ones I picked out where ‘horrible’.
Thanks Cee, next year you’re getting a scaldy twenty note handed to you next year. And be fucking thankful. Shove your tack and your ‘horrible’ up your arse!

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So I’m a little late in writing this up considering I got back Monday evening.

I’ve not been in much of a writing mode lately. Everything is just ‘Grr, Argh’ and I feel a total lack of anything in my life. I’m also very pissed at Dr. Who writers, I can’t believe they not only killed off Rory, but made Amy never to know he existed at all. Bastards! I loved Rory. And to have him totally forgotten seems worse than him dying. Like with Donna’s mind being wiped. That just seemed so cruel.

Once again I’m getting off the point. Where was I, ah yes, Edinburgh.
This time last week…I can’t for the life of me I can’t remember what we were doing that this exact time? Oh wait, I do, I was shockingly watching Dr. Who.
The others were taking naps after a full day of walking all over the old town, but after about ten minutes of my nap I woke up, unable to get back to sleep. Eurgh! Hate when that happens.

I know that sounds pathetic, napping while away for a weekend, but our trip began at 4 am that morning. What an evil, evil hour it was. Carry on luggage is a blessing though, no queues, ye-oh! Continue reading “Edinburgh”

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She crazzeee!

Urgh!!! I’ve not updated in ages. Shame on me. Not that I’ve anything interesting to say…actually when have I ever had anything interesting to say?

I finally got the date for my next laser eye surgery. Whoop-ie *note the lack of excitement in my voice* I can’t wait to get it done. Over and done with and all that, but the thoughts of going through it again is, quite frankly, scary.
My sister says I should try a roach, help with the nerves – to be honest I think she’s crazy. I did it before, I can do it again. It’s not me being weird about popping pills, actually yeah it is. Fuck sake like, its her answer for everything. Headache, take a paracetamol. Tooth ache, take a paracetamol. Nervous over something, take a roach.
She’s advising I take half at first, just in case. Just in case what? She’s off her head, seriously! Especially since she gives this talk and ends the convo with ‘actually I wouldn’t know where to get one so it’s probably best you said no’
Why even bother? *sigh*