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150 Favourite Films (11 – 20)

11. The ‘Burbs 1989
(Genre: Family/Comedy)

There are certain films in childhood that you loved, but upon watching them as an adult they either lost their charm or didn’t age well. The ‘Burbs is not one of those childhood films for me. I love it as much now as I did then. I think I’m mentioned it before on this blog? Definitely one of my all time favourites. It was a film both my brother an myself adored and I can’t help but think its a movie very much for kids. As an adult, an easy life is what you want, but as a kid the desire is to have that mysterious house with its dark secret in the neighbourhood.

“There go the goddamn brownies.”

12. Rope 1948
(Genre: Thriller)

There will be more than one Hitchcock film on this list. He isn’t considered a master for no apparent reason. But I will be avoiding some of the obvious of his films such as The Birds, Rear Window etc While they are great, they are not my favourites. Rope, on the other hand is brilliant. I know what happens. I’ve seen it too many times not to remember how it ends. Yet I find myself with a sore back each time I view because subconsciously I inch further and further to the edge of my seat as the climax comes. Love it!

13. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 2004
(Genre: Family)

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Favourite Films (1-10)

I am going to do a thing. The thing being naming 150 of my favourite films of all time and explaining a little as to why.

To give myself something to post about often I am going to do it in groups of ten and weekly.

In no particular order

1.Underworld (2003)
(Genre: Horror)

I love a good horror. I particularly love a good stylish horror which is exactly what I consider Underworld to be. Based around the eternal battle between Vampires and Lycans (werewolves) Underworld see’s Kate Beckinsale’s vampire Selene hunt down Lycans. Unbeknownst to Selene, head Lycan Lucian (a sexy Michael Sheen) is planning to bred a race of half-vampire half-lycans.
It’s dark and has some awesome stunts and at a time when I was becoming disenchanted with the vampire genre, it really made me question my life long love of vampires. I found myself stopping and asking myself “are werewolves as cool than vampires?” Yes. Yes they are.

2. Footsteps in the Fog (1955)
(Genre: Crime/Thriller)

When a man murders his wife, his housemaid is a witness to the event and subsequently blackmails him, attempting to become the mistress of the house. Suffice to say, the murdering husband isn’t too keen on the idea and plans his next murder.
Very atmospheric and has a great cast, I stumbled upon this on television by accident a few years ago but it became an instant favourite of mine.

3. Murder on the Orient Express (1974)
(Genre: Crime/Whodunit)

There are many film adaptations of Christie’s novels that I could have chosen – Death on the Nile is another particular favourite film – but there is something about the big reveal of Murder on the Orient Express that piques all others to the post.I love a good Christie. And it doesn’t come much better than this. Even though I prefer the David Suchet Poirot adaptation I made a conscious decision to include no made-for-tv or television adaptation in this list.  Continue reading “Favourite Films (1-10)”

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Incy Wincey Spider

I could be excited at the BIG reveal (is it that big though?? Tom Holland was cast, we knew that. I think we simply just hoped he’d get two minutes in an after-credits scene) of Spidey in the new Civil War trailer. I could. But I’m not. It’s not the same when you’re spoiled by douchebags on Facebook.


Ugh! Facebook. If Dante were to write Inferno in this day and age, one level of Hell would be set aside for endless Facebook scrolling and having to interact with commentors. Hellish indeed!


I’m also kinda pissed he is on Iron Man’s side. Far be it from me to choose a side all ready, but I’m Team Cap. That over-large boy-scout came from nowhere to become my favourite Avenger. (Solely because Loki doesn’t count)(Solely because of Captain America: Winter Soldier. HOW GREAT WAS THAT MOVIE???!!!!??!!)

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Who you gonna call? If it’s me, know that I screen my calls

It would seem that having an opinion about the new Ghostbusters movie is a bad thing. A damned if you do, damned if you don’t kind of deal. A simple tweet from me about how the trailer did nothing for me was enough for me to receive a large red stamp that said ‘REVOKED’ on my feminist card.
I’m sorry, but no. That’s not how that works. Or at least it doesn’t work like that for me. Supporting everything a woman does just because she’s a fellow member of the vagjayjay club is not healthy. Being non-critical is not healthy either. If you want that kind of feminism, go stalk a Taylor Swift message board (do they still have message boards? Or is it all done through The ‘gram? …Or even more dreaded, that Waterloo of social media for me…Snapchat?) You can be critical and not intent on malice, you know.
Being female and proud does not mean I will laugh at cliched and all-round ‘meh’ jokes just because a lot of adult cry-babies are whining about their childhood’s being ruined. (Nothing is being ruined. Losing your loved ones at a young age ruins your childhood. Suffering abuse as a child ruins your childhood. A fucking reboot of a movie with a majority female cast does not constitute as a fucking childhood ruined, you bloody moronic ADULT!) And why not? Because it’s Paul frigging Feig and Melissa Hilarious McCarthy. (Spy was easily the funniest movie I saw last year.) They are so much better than that trailer! I only hope that it is one of those cases in which the trailer does not do the full film justice. (The Other Guys, I’m looking at you.)



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Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

So I see James Franco is getting paid to write a review of Snow White and the Huntsman and has turned it into a defence of Kristen Stewart’s mediocre range as an actress. It fits. He’d know all about mediocre range with regards acting.
OK I’m being harsh. I know I am. But I was sorely let down by that movie, and anyone who tries to convince me it lived up to what it could have been is going to have a hard sell! *spoilers-a-plenty-ahead*
It was badly paced to the point of boring in places. Too many characters, who weren’t fully developed, actually screw that, I am going to say it – I think all characters were underdeveloped.
Mr Franco said that Stewart’s and Hemsworth’s previous roles (Bella Swan and Thor respectively) are so ingrained in our popular culture that it’s hard for an audience to see beyond those roles when viewing them in others. Fair point. But one I totally disagree with. MANY actors have those infamous roles that everyone thinks about when their name is mentioned but still go on to have a wide and varied range of roles that audiences are interested in seeing, and I think both of the aforementioned actors could do the same. But in this film I think 1. Stewart is a weak actress. She puts too many of her own mannerisms into every different role she plays, it’s hard to consider her anyone else (including Bella Swan) but Kristen Stewart. 2. Chris Hemsworth wasn’t given enough to work with in this film. He was sorely underused.
And I know you can easily say, “well Ash, you hate Stewart so naturally your going to consider her crap while Hemsworth just under used.” That is true. I have no idea what Hemsworth is like as an actor as I have only ever seen him play Thor. And to me, his Huntsman wasn’t at all like Thor.
The introduction of the Prince character was unnecessary. Was he supposed to give the film an added dimension of a love triangle? If it was, it failed.
Then you have the cringe-worthy gay ass lines that Bob Hopkins dwarf had. Oh they were bad! I hope he got well paid.

There was of course some good things. On the second podium taking the silver medal is the wonderful Charlize Theron. She seemed to savour the role of the evil queen. And I must admit – I was sorta on her side. The King, his wife not even cold in the ground marries a woman he has known A DAY.
Now I’m not saying he deserves a dagger to the chest, but seriously, if I was his dead wife, I’d be coming back to haunt him and push him down a flight of stairs. The dirty horny bastard!

Taking gold is the special effects. Wow! Just wow! They were brilliant. I loved the dark vibe that ran throughout the whole thing, but when you see the armoured soldiers just splinter apart. It was great. The forest was deadly too. It was such a crying shame that, as I said before, the pace seemed all off. When you had a real exciting part, they seemed to pull back and into a boring “lets sit around and stare at each other” moment.
Even the “epic” battle at the end was wasted. It was blink and you missed it. It was like the easiest siege of a castle since I stood on my nephew’s lego replica of Hogwarts by accident.

And I really can’t help but think many things were put in by someone who wanted to cash in on the twilight cash cow. It was like a checked list.
A jump off a cliff into raging waters below. Check.
Her lying on the floor of a forest. Check.
Love “triangle.” Check.
A red apple. Check (granted SW did this first.)
KStew taking a fucking age to die. Check.
Being kissed *turned* back to life *unlife*. Check.

Out of ten I’d give it a six. It could have been on a scale of Lord of the Rings fantasy epic. But it seemed the film makers got scared instead and didn’t try push it on to anything new and exciting. A real shame!

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Film: Avengers Assemble *spoilers galore*

Excuse me while I fangirl over the Avengers Assemble. I saw it, again, last night. My third time, I cry when I think how far away the DVD release date is. (Alright, I over reacted when I said “I cry”. I didn’t actually, nor am I likely to cry, but you get the message.)
I can’t get over how much I loved it. And how much I still laugh when I know the gags are coming. They are gags I won’t forget either because they have now entered my daily vocab. “This line in the post office is for stamps and letters, not for your children’s allowance money, you mewling quim!” “I’ll go all Hulk on your Loki ass if you annoy me much longer!”

I was trying to name my top five moments. I don’t think it’s possible. I’ll try split it up into different topics though.

Best Entrance

Thor by far got the best entrance. I mean, Loki’s was good. (And you know how particle to a bit of Loki I am. *Can you say “fucking ride?”*) but Thor’s was brilliant. And probably the part most waited for.
Not that you think “when is Thor gonna get here” during the start of the movie. It’s more a thought beforehand. A loud ‘We Want Thor’ shout at the back of your head (in your ear because your best friend thinks Thor is the greatest.)
It was added goodness that Loki seemed to fear it, and I love those lines: Cap: Don’t tell me you’re afraid of a bit of lighten. Loki: I’m not overly fond of what comes next.
The look on Loki’s face – superb!

Best Line

Come on? How can you possible decide? It was jam packed! When you think each Avenger has an awesome line – Thor: He’s adopted. – Tony Stark swaggers into the room and becomes THE MAN! There is too many to choose from but I think I’ll have to go with the lines he speaks to Thor when they first meet. Thor: You don’t know who you’re dealing with. Iron Man: Shakespeare in the park? Doth mother know you wearst her drapes?
Oh I LOL’ed. I seriously fucking LOL’ed my ass off!

In second comes Thor’s adopted line for sheer brilliance of delivery. I really want to give it number one spot, but with so much sark from Stark, Iron Man just has to claim top billing.

Third comes from my darling Loki. Thor: You listen to me, brother. [Iron man comes and knocks him flying. Loki stands on the mountain alone still staring at the spot Thor used to be] I’m listening.

Best Character

Hard. To. Choose. I love them all. OK, I can give or take Black Widow and Hawkeye even though they are brilliant. (I now have extra respect for Scarlet Johansson. Her moves where unbelievable. That’s a proper role model for females. I loved how she played Loki, and her mad run for her life from the Hulk was ace!) But lets face it, it’s the “superheros” you come to see in these movies. It’s all well and good being super assassins, but I love me some super powers. I’ve always leaned more towards the unnatural rather than the highly skilled heroes.
I have never rooted for a villain as much since Magneto. I love Loki. I live Loki. I was most excited about this movie because of Loki. I just fucking adored him in Thor. His character arc was brilliant. That scene between him and Odin on the steps of the vault. Brilliant. And one of my favourites from the whole movie.
But I can’t say he was my favourite character. Not because he was lack in any area. He was amazing. The sly, devious smirk. The underhand tactics. All fit and proper for the God of Mischief. But he misses the top spot because the Hulk comes along at the end and just steals the movie out from under everyone noses.
Not only did I go from “Oh my god, I can’t believe Norton isn’t the Hulk in this movie. He was deadly in the last one,” to “Norton who?” but I came out with a want to marry Rufflo. His whole stance was perfect. A real recovering addict vibe about him that I loved. He was a fab mild mannered, genius Bruce. And from the moment of the “That’s my secret, I’m always angry,” line his character made a great movie awesome!

Best Scene

Being the ex-film student (granted, I only studied it for two years, it doesn’t really give me any credit) I would love to pick out a beautifully crafted scene of cinematography, or something with multi-layers of symbolism to it, but fuck it! This is me, I don’t watch films for multi-layers, I watch for sheer entertainment and a lot of laughs. And this movie had plenty, but none made me laugh quite as much as the rag-doll Loki scene.
Comical. Pure fucking comical genius. I’ve heard it said that people have laughed more at this movie than they did at actual comedies and I completely agree. Not only did the audience roar uproariously, but everyone was clapping and whooping too. It was a gas scene!

To sum up, Avengers Assemble: It won’t win Oscars, thanks be to God, because less face it, if it did, it wouldn’t be the hilarious, action-packed movie we all wanted and waited on tender-hooks to see.