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“Know no shame”




Black Sails season two spoilers ahead.

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Black Sails

Black Sails header 1


Oh. My. God. Why has no one told me how good this show is??????

I happened upon it last week and am hooked. My only problem is History channel is showing series 3 and I cannot find DVD boxsets of series 1 and 2 and Netflix isn’t streaming it. Ultimate First World Problem, I know, but I’m genuinely pissed about this.



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Incy Wincey Spider

I could be excited at the BIG reveal (is it that big though?? Tom Holland was cast, we knew that. I think we simply just hoped he’d get two minutes in an after-credits scene) of Spidey in the new Civil War trailer. I could. But I’m not. It’s not the same when you’re spoiled by douchebags on Facebook.


Ugh! Facebook. If Dante were to write Inferno in this day and age, one level of Hell would be set aside for endless Facebook scrolling and having to interact with commentors. Hellish indeed!


I’m also kinda pissed he is on Iron Man’s side. Far be it from me to choose a side all ready, but I’m Team Cap. That over-large boy-scout came from nowhere to become my favourite Avenger. (Solely because Loki doesn’t count)(Solely because of Captain America: Winter Soldier. HOW GREAT WAS THAT MOVIE???!!!!??!!)

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Don’t mind me, just talking about a love of History

I know I consider myself a bit of a history geek. What can I say? Every week my dad would bring both Sean and myself down to the library where I would insist on borrowing all the non-fiction, historical books. I don’t think I actually read a novel until I was in my early teens.

I don’t have just one era I delve into; I love it all. From Dinosaurs to the Celts, to the Iron Age to the Middle Ages, right up until present day. Well actually I tend to draw the line at most things past the 1990’s. That may be “history”, but to be me it’s news, as the major stuff that happened I would have seen on the News or heard second hand from conversations while growing up.

And that is somewhat my problem – I limit myself. History I love. Politics I hate. And to understand recent history you need to know about politics. Ick! How very droll!
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I Love…Natasha Khan/Bat for Lashes

I haven’t done one of these in a while – focusing mainly on hating. (It’s cold and we can’t afford the heating on for long so I’m trying to keep warm however I can.)

She’s one of those artists that I think more people should know, but I’m selective who I tell about her because I love having her like my own little secret. Not so secret, I know, her songs have been used in Top Gear and adverts and when she plays here in Dublin the tickets go like gold dust. I’ve yet to have to honour of seeing her live. Really sad about that!

I don’t really like many female singers, those I do tend to be of the old persuasion i.e. Doris Day, Shirley Bassey. I like smooth female vocals, not this vocal acrobatics of Whitney Houston and her likes. When I was told to listen to Bat For Lashes by a friend, I didn’t. She so very sweetly sent me the album and all but I put it aside and continued with my John Frusciante albums. Even though she said “I know you don’t like female singers, but listen to her. You’ll love it. She’s amazing” (actually I think she used the phrase “amazeballs”) I still put it aside and didn’t open the .zip file. Shame on me! Continue reading “I Love…Natasha Khan/Bat for Lashes”

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I love…Chopin

I would be lost without BBC4. It is quite simply the best television channel. And true to their fabulous nature they had aired the Chopin 200th Anniversary Gala on Friday just gone.

I sadly missed the beginning because I had promised my sister I’d go to IKEA with her. But luckily I didn’t miss it all. I would have cried if I did.
Of all the composers out there there is something extra special about Chopin to me. He can break and heal your soul in the fewest of notes. No other composer has the kind of hold over me as Chopin. The lightest of touch yet it lacks nothing passion wise.

I think he’s most famous piece is the Ballade No. 1 in G minor as that was used in the movie The Pianist (2002) which won some Oscars for it’s stars and pervy, rapist director Roman “flee the country and get away with statutory rape” Polansky.

Either way. It is quite a sad scene in the movie. The haunting piece by Chopin’s making the scene all the more powerful. But my favourite piece has to be the Nocturne, Op 72