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Creativity (pt II)

The second icon challenge was for redhead. Self explainitory, I do believe. You just had to make the said red head a female. No penises need apply.
So I went for Florence Welch. (I do so love her. Some may say she whines and has a shit voice but to those nay-sayers I say “shut the fuck up and go back to listening to Leona Lewis. It’s not about the voice, its about the passion and power”)

I posted some earlier in this blog, but it was just for a short period and its been now deleted.

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Go away, I’m being creative

I may be writing currently – finally getting my finger out, who would have thunk it, eh – but that’s on pen and paper and I’m not in the mood to share on here.

What I will share is what I’ve been getting creative with: namely icons/avatars.

Two new challenges were set; one under the heading recast, the other red head. Allow me to, in this post, first explain ‘recast’.

For the recast challenge you had to pick a fictional character from a film and recast them as the actress you would have preferred in the role. (I’m pretty sure you didn’t need me to explain, but how and ever)

I, being the Potter fanatic, chose the one role that really bugged me out of the whole of the Potter casting: Narcissa Malfoy.

Now don’t get me wrong, Helen McCroy is a damn fine actress. She, and her badger hair cut, is just not my idea of Cissy Malfoy nee Black. I pictured someone who looked slightly younger, a bit more stylish. She is Lucius’ wife after all.

That’s why I went with Naomi Watts – perhaps a bit too young, and not British enough to be given the role in Half Blood Prince, but I think she could be a very good book Narcissa.

Anyway, with no further ado, here are my selection: Naomi Watts as Narcissa Malfoy: Continue reading “Go away, I’m being creative”