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Too-wit too-wit boo-hoo

I’ve done it. I’ve actually done it. I deactivated my Twitter account. I have been debating it for months now. I found myself waking up each morning and checking my emails and twitter, it was causing hell with my eyes.
But now for the past few weeks I’ve done nothing but be negative and angry on it. Normally that shit is held for a diary, but with twitter, it was up there for everyone to see the crazy. Which isn’t good.
Today I decided to bit the bullet (albeit gently because my tooth is killing me, I can’t even eat bread without it paining me. I fear it needs a root canal. Something I can’t afford so horrible pain shall be my foe for the next few weeks.) and deactivate.

It’s done now. I kinda miss it, slightly but mainly because I loved my username and following Mark Gatiss, but I’m more happy it’s gone.

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Pardon the absence

Jeez, I didn’t realise it’s been so long since I last posted in here. My eyes are keeping me away from online sadly and I’m not nearly on as I used to be. That added to the fact that my laptop is broken and chooses when and when not to work. Thankfully it’s deciding to work for me right now.
I shouldn’t even be here now. Should be writing. Should be packing. Florida is this weekend. So thrilled. Can’t wait. I need this. I really need this.

My health is slightly fucked as of late. The result of which is I missed last Friday’s Chili Pepper gig. Totally gutted. But there just wasn’t a hope in me making it in. *major sad face*

I would like to say I’ve been keeping busy lately, but I haven’t, not really. Attempting to write. Listening to music. Reading books. Watching films. I see from my previous post that X-men: First Class and Thor have been leading the scoreboard for my favourite movie of the year so far. They’ve both been demoted.
The moment I planked my ass in the cinema seat and Midnight in Paris began I fell in love.
Seriously, seriously, seriously a beautiful, warm, engaging, fabulous little gem of a movie.
If I didn’t want to be a Julian Carax-esque style writer in the 1920’s Paris before I definately want to be now.

On another note: I hate this layout. I’m going to change it when I get back from Florida.

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No post today, the postmans has gone away

No, no, noooooo!

I’m less and less on here. That isn’t good. I love my wordpress. I adore my wordpress. I worship the server my wordpress is hosted on.

For shame on me! I think I need to promise to up date here more often. I think I need another egg on from Nay. It’s her fault I am on here in the first place after all.

FYI: *urgh! yes, I did just just the acronym for ‘for your information’. I feel so dirty* The title is a Hermans Hermits song if you just replace the word ‘post’ with ‘milk’. Just thought you might like to know. No? *pfft* OK…philistines…

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People never cease to bewilder me

I don’t write fanfiction often. In fact I’ve only published two stories prior to this weekend. One is still ongoing, and I’m a disaster at updating. The other was just a one shot.
A one shot I wrote another one shot to follow it up. Honestly, what a silly thing to do. Even sillier though is the fact that all three are Twilight related. Or more importantly Volturi related. Oh how I do love vampires to be vampires. And as one reviewer mentioned, that’s the great thing about Caius. He is a vampire and makes no excuses for it.

Now none of this is what I generally regard as ‘wordpress worthy’. And not that it’s so great and would ruin the high class, sophisticated works I post on here, I just don’t want to bring attention to the fact that I write Twilight fanfiction *shudder* I’ve a reputation to maintain, for goodness sake!
Why I do bring it up is the fact that I put a warning on this latest one, just in case, you know. “Warning: contains callous talk of rape” I’ve had over 100 hits. It’s not even up twenty four hours.

WTF? That’s more than the other two have ever gotten. I find that completely mental.

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I say I won’t and then I do

I said I wouldn’t get into livejournal. That I only joined on a whim and had no real intention of actually blogging there, or getting involved in communities, but then I go and get sucked in. Dammit!

I did honestly think it would become like my twitter account, my bebo (which I actually deleted :O I know! Shockingly. A round of appaluse would be nice, anyone…anyone?) my myspace. But horrors of horrors it seems I’m pushing my Dairy of an Egotist aside for my LJ account. Bad, bold me! I am not impressed. Honestly, I’m not.

I do still love this place. Unfortunatly I’m not exactly using it for the purpose I intended it for: improve my writing skills, grammar and spellings and create some stories. I think in the year and a half I’ve been here I’ve written two pieces (one of which is so bad I do believe I have it on private) and my grammer isn’t getting any better.

Nor is my focus. I wanted to focus my ideas and thoughts rather than go off an big tangents like I usually do. But I’m afarid I still ramble quite a bit.

It’s also my frame of mind of late. Depression is lying heavily at my door. There is so much shit happening on the home front that I nether want to discuss it on here, or acknowledge it’s happening. Another memory to surpress. Back of the line.

So just getting out of bed is hard, the last thing I want to is to try and be creative and watch my language. That’s where livejournal comes into play. I ramble over there as much as I do here, yet I don’t feel so bad when I do it over there. Generally because I’ve friends over there who like to ramble on the same topics as I do. I’ve seen my stats for this page, nobody is reading let along interested enough to actually converse with me on silly topics.

Plus with LJ a bit of  creativity flows, I keep joining thats icon challenges. (well I’ve joined three, one done and two about to commense) so that’s something I suppose. Not exactly rocket science but better than sitting and scratching.

Hopefully soon things will sort themselves out and I’ll be back to posting here regularly. I do so love this place and feel quite sad when I think it may be pushed to the wayside.

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Natasha Khan icons

So I took part in an icon challenge over on LiveJournal. I never really made icons before, aside from a few you could count on one hand, and they were made just in the edit mode on photobucket.

Each participant was to pick one female celeb and follow some themes for their entries.
I, of course, went for one of the very few women celeb who inspire me: Natasha Khan from Bat for Lashes.

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