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“I stepped in to an avalanche, it covered up my soul…”

Nick Cave’s cover of Avalanche for Black Sails. I can’t seem to find out any information about purchasing this version of this song.

I know the original version of Cave’s cover is on his first album with the Bad Seeds, but that’s not the version I am interested in. It is not nearly as haunting enough. But the BS version is heart-breaking and beautiful and it doesn’t appear on any album. Not a Nick Cave album. Not the Black Sails Official Soundtrack. Even if I could download it illegally, I wouldn’t. My stance on pirating (no pun intended) music has not changed. In fact, if it has changed in anyway I am more against it. My lament at the demise of HMV the other week is testament to the destructive nature of downloading, legal and illegal. It is harder and harder to find a place you can enter and purchase a hard copy of music. That was one of my  most favourite things ever in life since I was a teenager. Since I could afford music and not have to depend upon what my siblings and parents purchased.

The handiness of iTunes is….handy. One click a song is on you computer/iphone/whatever. Plug it in and it’s linked to an iPod/MP3 Player (do people still used them?) and you’ve music that is light and easy on the go. But it’s not yours. It’s rental. A CD feels yours. You have it in your hand. It’s stacked on your shelf. Not a virtual thing that can disappear when your computer gets a virus.

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Bear’s Den

These are a great band. I’ve this song on repeat for the last day or so.

Bear’s Den Isaac

I miss being able to walk into a music shop and wile away an hour browsing the CD’s for something new. The music stores we have left have the mainstream diet of Rihanna, Swift and “oldies” like ABBA and Bob Dylan compilations. You can’t just walk in and find little gems like this anymore. It’s iTunes now. Or a long trek into town. For someone who loves a hardcopy to hold in her hands, it’s worth the trek when I have something like Bear’s Den new album Red Earth & Pouring Rain, but I’m not guaranteed they’ll actually have the album. It’s dreadful. To think I may soon have to start ordering CD’s on amazon *shudder*

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The Bride

Sometimes I will reread some posts on this blog. Ones from its first year. Just to see how I have changed and how I have not.

In one sense I have not changed. I still love this lady.


While Two Suns left me somewhat cool (aside from Glass. Fucking hell!Glass. How stunning is that song?) The Haunted Man was Natasha back to form (IMO)

The Bride has that magical melodic memory of Fur and Gold. While nothing will ever  compare to that first listen to Horse and I (it was like reading Harry Potter for the first time. An awakening, if that isn’t too pretentious to say) The Bride is a beautifully crafted concept album of love and loss and it is the perfect album for this chilled out sunny day here in Dublin. I almost wish I were driving down a long coastal road with the wind in my hair and this playing from the speakers.