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I’m too hungry to think of a title. There, I said it!

I should be working but I am procrastinating again. If ever there was an Olympic Event for Procrastinating…I probably wouldn’t show up to the event. It can wait ’til next year!


My essay is a mish-mash of madness. Four different word pages are open, I’m adding this point to that page and removing that point to that page. It’s all damn madness! I should just jigsaw this thing together and see what I’ve got that’s coherent and see what still needs to be filled.
I know I complain with a “ugh! why aren’t I done with all this crap yet,” but secretly I will miss college when I’m through. I can’t believe that day is approaching so fast.

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I’m heart Fru-ken

Well I don’t know if I should be devastated or delighted haha. My late teen/early twenties/mid twenties/pushing thirty crush (John Frusciante) went and got himself married.

I reason with myself that I can’t be too bitchy about it: I am so out of the loop lately that I didn’t know he was dating someone.
So I should be nice about it, shouldn’t I?

You’d think so. But that’s not how I roll!

I’m just kidding. Of course I had to “google the bitch” so when I came across pictures of them together, I just couldn’t get mad. Try as I may.

Dear lordie. They are just so cute!!!! (Is it bad of me to say this isn’t such a blow to me as it would have been if she was stick thin?)


(edit: They’ve been together since 2008. Where they FUCK have I BEEN?)


PS On a side note: I see someone came upon my page (I really hope that that’s not literal) in the search “I want to fuck John Frusciante”. I would just like to add – don’t we all dear, don’t we all.

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Come on the Jedward!

Eurovision tonight. YAY!!!

Now normally I couldn’t give two shiny rats arses, but this year is different. This year it will be about more than the annual twitter chatter with my Serbian friend who loves the whole razzle-dazzle (or cheesy-queasy) of Eurovision.
As a nation I think it’s safe to say – we don’t really get Eurovision anymore. Sure it was grand in the 70’s when we only had three channels on the television to choose from. It was great in the 80’s when we won for the first time and the nation had something to celebrate, because lets face it, were weren’t going to win the fecking football now were we? And it was OK in the 90’s when we had are winning streak and the majority of the songs that came out of the Eurovision were good, catchy songs that you’d bop along to – remember Gina G’s Ooh Ahh Just a little bit – but by the 00’s we just couldn’t give a shit anymore.
It went mental!
The whole nation watched and thought ‘what the fuck is that?’
I’ll admit it. We Irish we take our lead from England and America. That is our main stream stuff. The clothes, the music, the films. We aren’t European influenced much at all. So when all the Eastern European countries entered their acts we just didn’t get it. We still don’t really get it.
They seem happy. They seem glittery. They seem like a fun, crazy lot.
Which is everything we Irish don’t generally get. Yes we are all for the craic, but our humour is very self deflating. Yes we can be happy, but not generally, it rains far too much over here and it soaks are good humour and dulls our spirit. We are generally happiness when we’re having a damn good moan about something.

Imagine our surprise then when these two over hype, gas (that means funny, my non Irish friends) and glittery twins come along. We just didn’t know what to do with them.
Then someone got the bright idea of putting them in the Eurovision and then *bam* all of a sudden we got these two lads.

Of course there are still begrudging bastards out there, putting them down, saying they are making a show of us. What I say to them is – they are a sight fucking better than Dustin.
We put “proper” acts into the Eurovision before. Micky Hart, Brian Kennedy. They got nowhere! (my Eurovision knowledge is sketchy, didn’t Micky Hart finish third from bottom or something?) We might as well put Jedward out there and let them try there hand because they ARE Eurovision.

I wish the lads the best. I’m not stupid, I know they won’t win. Eurovision was never really about the acts or the songs or even the glitter. It’s not even about ‘sorry for invading you that time, here, have twelve points’. Its about who gets who. And as it stands Ireland gets England. England gets Ireland because both our influences are very American. Mainland Europe vote for their neighbours because they get that more than they do anything else.

Though I know they won’t, I hope Jedward do win. Not only as a two finger salute to those naysayers out there, but because they make me smile. In a time when we owe our fuck out and there isn’t a penny to be found in the country – those two insane feckers make us laugh out loud!

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Ash on a rant

So there I was yesterday spitting flames. I don’t know why it bothered me so much, but this really did.

Boyzone star confronts intruder.

“The star had to defend himself and his wife and five-year-old daughter when the intruder broke into their house. Mikey, 38, said: “It was terrifying but we are OK. Police are investigating.”

It would be indeed terrifying to have an intruder in your home. But according to reports that aren’t from Grahams own mouth (I would quote something that came from the “intruders” mouth, but apparently it’s broken in two places from when Graham swung a baseball bat at it) it was someone shouting abuse through the intercom.
Forgive my ignorance, but if someone is outside your big gates, speaking through the intercom, how the fuck are they actually intruding.

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I’m too old to care, tbh

So the MTV movie award nomination’s are out and you can vote here

I’m not native. I know Twishite is going to walk away with everything. It always does. Those twi-hards. I honestly don’t know how they do it. You’d think with all the masturbating they do over the slightest hint of RPattz or shirtless Taylor or KStews feather covered hand “OMG she has beautiful hands. She should be a hand model” *serious, go die!* they wouldn’t have the wrist strength left to constantly click on the noms.
But somehow they work though the pain. I would admire their determination if I didn’t hate them so much.

Anyway, I was voting…voting…voting…then I noticed Rupert was ignored AGAIN. Surely that’s wrong? He owned that damn movie! Acted rings around Dan and Emma, yet there they are, nominated. While Dan goes up against Rob and Taylor for best actor. (I mean that is wrong on many levels, if I’m being honest) but no Rupert.
You know, whatever…I am voting for Dan and Emma in the best kiss. Not because it was the best kiss…checks the noms…actually it was…which is really sad (also I’m tried of lesbian kisses being deemed the best kisses just because they are two women kissing. How old are you, really?) but because they REALLY went for it. At one point I thought someones face was being devoured whole :O
Plus I do NOT want the kiss-rape between Bella and Jacob to win. You know it will though, because, lets face it. When a guy kisses you like, and you don’t want him to kiss you like, and you fight against him *squeee* but he’s just so strong *swoon* you can only stop fighting and let him finish, because, like, isn’t that just so sexy and romantic and not like rape at all and like…oh gosh…jacob is so hot…bella is a lucky bia-atch and I would totally hate her if she wasn’t so wonderful and awesome.

Also Best Line – Amanda Bynes: “There is a higher power that will judge you for your indecency.”
Emma Stone: “Tom Cruise?”
LOL Forgot what a great film Easy A was.

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Writing out the Christmas cards for the neighbours today. I never realised that, number wise, we are missing houses on my road. You know what that means?! Yes, I MUST HAVE WIZARDS LIVING ON MY ROAD!!!!!! :O

What a surprise. All this time, I never even suspected. Damn my muggle nature for not paying closer attention. Now during summer I’m going to have to keep a sharper eye out for owls delivering Hogwarts letters – unless there is no school going aged kids. Hmmm….
I have to think of something else to lure these magical folk out…

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Right, if I tell you a secret, will you promise to keep it just between us?

I somehow got promoted to moderator on the carlward community on LiveJournal. I woke up yesterday morning to find an email in my inbox telling me, and I quote “There has been a new submission into the community ‘carlward’ which you moderate. Hmmm…*strokes imaginary beard* Intriguing LOL. I blame Sydney, she insisted I become a member there.

Oh god, I’ll never live this down, especially when Christina finds out. ROFL. I now am officially the more Twi obsessed of the two of us, and that is SCARY! Granted, we are different ends of the spectrum. She loves it, I love to bash it.

Stop judging me, but I’m happy to accept. 🙂 I just won’t be eager to tell people about it, like how I am regarding my Harry modly duties.

Me in a position of authority *mwahahahaha* you have been warned! 😛