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Just me being moany again

I’m not getting this rigmarole that is happening now with regards to the 2016 Census. I’ve read at least three different topics of complaint with regards to the Religion question. One complained that the Census makes it too confusing to name something other than Catholic or Muslim etc because it gives the Other option after two lines of space. Another complains that people don’t know that they can put something other than the religion of the were brought up in.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 15.36.15

I’m sorry, but if you care that much that the government knows you’re no longer a practising Catholic, you’ll take that question serious and will pay attention to it enough to not going tick tick ticking any old random thing. I really don’t know why people should be treated as idiots, as though we don’t know how to fill in a form.

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Mon dieu!

John Leguizamo has been commfirmed as Del-boy in the US version of Only Fools and Horses.

I can’t say I am happy. Fools and Horses has been a staple in my family’s television viewing for so long now, we quote it often, that I can’t see an American version being anywhere near as good. It’s just not American comedy. It’s pure British.

I know people say, well The Office and Shameless worked. That’s a matter of opinion. Yes, they worked by being in viewers, but do they compare to their British embryos? I don’t think so. The Office Britian, The Office America – two completely different shows, just based on the same idea. That’s what Only Fools and Horses will be.

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“Frankie, do you remember me…”

So I see from twitter Frankie Boyle is trending. Of course I clicked in: when a celebrity trends it generally means they are dead, or did something controversial. This being Frankie I immediately assumed the latter.
And I was right…ish.
No, it’s not some new comment Frankie has made. Not a new person he has insulted. It’s the same joke he made about Harvey Price a year or two ago. I had an idea, what with seeing the Katie Price: something something Harvey* show being advertised.
Now I am a Frankie fan. The man pushes the boundaries. He gets you thinking, he gets you talking and I do think he is damn funny. And I must admit, I did laugh at that Harvey joke. (It was a laugh quickly followed by an “ooooooo” and the hand shooting to the mouth. You know the ones I’m talking about. You laugh because you find it funny but it quickly sinks in that it’s something that we really shouldn’t be making light of and the guilt sets in) But it was bad. To slag a child off. Not particularly nice unless you’re Severus Snape. Then it’s okay to bully children because your personal lack of hygiene is sexy and all can be forgiven because you’ve a sarcastic wit and an unrequited love thing happening. Oh, and you’re fictional. That does help!
But seeing that Katie Price is shiting on about this again is ridiculous. Yes, she’s is saying she wants an apology. What if he does say sorry? Would he not be saying it purely to stop her going on and on about it? What use is an apology if the person doesn’t mean it?
It wouldn’t mean shit!
I can’t help but think this is just her getting her hole in the limelight again.

*not the actual name of the show. I just can’t be arsed to look it up. Nor do I care really.

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Just watching the Golden Globe awards. I normally don’t give a shit about that or the Oscars, but I do love Ricky Gervais and couldn’t resist watching his opening monologue.
Gas stuff! “…she’s gorgeous and she’s in fact Jewish. Mel Gibson told me that. He’s obsessed”

Now on to the sad part. The fact that someone won something and walked by Darren Criss from A Very Potter Musical fame and what do I do? I point at the television and exclaim “it’s Darren” Like I actually know the guy. bahahaha. *embarrassing*
Oh, and I spy Robert Pattinson. I was wondering if it was him, I just saw the eyebrows. Next I see hands through the hair at least twice – yeah! that’s Pattinson alright.

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*fingers crossed*

No New Year’s resolutions this year. I’ve had some for the past few years now – mainly since I started this blog. But aside from one or two, I’ve never really kept any of them.
So for 2011 I decided to have no resolutions. That way, perhaps, something might actually change for the better. Leave it up to fate! See if the Gods will smile down upon me?

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New Purchases

Despite, yet again, not having the proverbial pot to piddle in I’ve gone and spent money on things I shouldn’t really have bought.

But I’m not regretting another impulse buy. I actually had money – it was just for a friends birthday present. Don’t worry I still have her present, it just is minus the thing I wanted because I couldn’t find it anywhere, and had to make do with something less expensive (I don’t think that makes sense? But once she has gotten her present I’ll post and mention what I made for her. I don’t think she comes here and reads at all, but I don’t want to chance it, just in case)

So anyway, when I saw that The Forsyte Saga, series one and two, was in stock and was going for the paltry sum of 15 euro, I couldn’t resist buying. Granted, I was rambling into Easons to see if they had The Forsyte Saga by John Galsworthy, the novels, and only popped into HMV first because it’s on the way to Easons. Truthfully I knew Easons wouldn’t have the books. Hughes and Hughes, possible, but I still doubted. So seeing the DVDs in HMV I just had to snap them up fast. I need a Soames and Irene fix somehow. Especially over this long bank holiday weekend.

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SpongeAsh SquareEyes

It’s typical. Never anything decent on television for ages, then when something starts that I’ve been looking forward to, it’s always the same time slot that something else I’ve been longing to see starts too.

Hate that!

BBC4 have been teasing me with the adverts for the History of Horror with Mark Gatiss for a few weeks now. I’ve positively been drooling over the thought of it, and itching to find out exactly “Coming Soon” means.
Turns out “Coming Soon” was Monday nights at 9, beginning this week. Woo! Only problem is, it collides with another ace show I’ve been itching for since I found out it’s back for another season: Whitechapel.
I loved the last series of Whitechapel, it appealed to the little girl in me who adored stories of the mysterious Jack the Ripper. You still can’t beat a Ripper tale! But this series is slightly more modern, 1960’s gangsters The Krays. Looks set to be another cracker of a show though, so I’m disappointed that I’m going to opt for the History of Horror.

Then comes Sunday nights. The new David Tennant drama Single Father starts at nine. It’s always a treat to watch Tennant. He plays such a wide range of roles and never fails to deliver. Sadly it clashes with what I’ve been already watching for the past two Sundays: Downton Abbey.
Single Father being a modern tale and Downton Abbey being the period piece it’s clear I’m going to continue to watch Downton. It also looks set to heat up this week with regards the gay storyline. Oooooh, how exciting!

On another yet related topic: Crooked House (starring Mark Gatiss and Lee Ingleby) repeats start tonight. Wooo! Can’t wait. I only got to view the last one of the three episodes when it aired some Christmases ago. Gutted! A proper, old tale ghost story. LOVE IT! Can’t wait to watch from the beginning.