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Holy shit! He cut his hair. I’ve not been this conflicted about a hair cut since Ronan Keating cut his blonde locks in ’98.


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Slan Leat

I’ve been very unwell lately. Both physically and mentally. Will be taking a break from online stuff for a while. Hopefully the doctors will figure out what is wrong with me and it won’t be for very long.

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I am myself in autumn

I’m in a melancholy mood today. The Irish weather has taken a turn towards the coolness of autumn’s air. I am always mournful of past days when the cold weather comes rolling through.

I hope Berlin is having similar weather. I want to stroll German streets and soak up the atmosphere with a cool refreshing breeze blowing through the trees and my hair. I don’t want to fake happiness, which I always feel sunshine makes┬áme do.

I am myself in autumn.

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London’s Calling

Delighted to say my best friend loved her gift. At one stage say said “my face hurts from smiling so much.” Which is basically the best compliment any one can say when you present them with a gift.

I brought a big bag with me when we met as a ploy, attempting to make her think whatever she was getting wasn’t written on a thin slip of paper inserted neatly in her card. It worked. Me and my wily ways *evil cackles*

Now all that’s to do is to make up a mental list of all the things we want to see/do in London and then wait until October rolls around.

Cannot wait!

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New header

I am messing around with new themes again. I wasn’t too keen on my last one but like this one. Trying to find a header image I like. I love this one, a photograph by Toni Frissell but I can’t seem to get the pixels just right. So far it looks fine on my laptop, I wonder if I’ve got it right finally.

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The name is Hiddleston, Tom Hiddleston.

I just don’t see it. I really don’t. Tom Hiddleston is front runner to become the new James Bond and…oh how my loyalty is being tested here.


I love Hiddles. I think he is stupendous. Not only does he seem an absolute gentleman but he is a very talented Shakespearean actor. But I just can’t see him playing James Bond. I know his latest The Night Manager, is supposedly a teething exercise to show he can, but from the show, I don’t see it. Bond is ruthless, he has to be. There lingers under the veneer a darkness, and I’m not just talking about Daniel Craig’s Bond. Connery had it. Brosnan had it to an extent. Moore didn’t have it…perhaps that’s why he is my least favourite. But, more importantly, book Bond had it. Had it in spades.
Bond is coming out of service from a World War. He is damaged. He is misanthropic, misogynic and a killer. Basically.

Now Tom Hiddleston can play all these things. They only problem there is…you fucking love him for it. Granted, that is also a prerequisite for Bond, but this is different. Hiddleston never looses that charm that accompanies him in real life. He’s a guy who could murder your whole family and you’d think “don’t worry yourself about it Tom. *because he would probably be very genuinely devastated by it* They probably deserved it.” He doesn’t ooze sinister. Even when he should, he falls just short of sinister – Crimson Peak springs to mind. Bond needs to radiate a darkness, a darkness I just don’t think Hiddleston has inside him.

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Nothing can comprehend to you the stress I feel right now. I am spent. Emotionally. Physically. Mentally.

Thesises are tough. Especially though when you are told your’s is complete twaddle. I am beyond devastated.