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Tired Eyes

I haven’t written a word in days. I’m incapable of staring at a screen for longer than an hour. I used to think it was my eyes, I am beginning to question that. It’s been years since my laser eye surgery. It can’t possibly be that my eyes are still sensitive, can it?
All I know is, yesterday I couldn’t even move out of bed. I had to lie with an eye-mask over my face like I was Joan Crawford, not Ashling Cranford, and attempt as little movement as humanly possible for fear of vomiting everywhere. Migraines were never an issue for me before but now they are becoming more and more common.
I’ve had tests. So there’s nothing wrong that the doctors can see, aside from my old ailment of inflammation of my eyelids. But I really thought that would have healed over time.
Maybe I’m reading too much? I mean, college period was full on reading and in my new-found sense of freedom and ability to read for pleasure I read seven books in June, just because I could and they didn’t have the words “holocaust”, “golem” or “history” in them.
Perhaps less reading. Less writing on a device that isn’t a notebook. And instead, more music.

People take their eye-sight for granted. It is so very important. I may suffer a lot for 20/20 vision, but I often think how blind I would be without having had the surgery. I’m so very thankful that I did.

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Favourite Films (1-10)

I am going to do a thing. The thing being naming 150 of my favourite films of all time and explaining a little as to why.

To give myself something to post about often I am going to do it in groups of ten and weekly.

In no particular order

1.Underworld (2003)
(Genre: Horror)

I love a good horror. I particularly love a good stylish horror which is exactly what I consider Underworld to be. Based around the eternal battle between Vampires and Lycans (werewolves) Underworld see’s Kate Beckinsale’s vampire Selene hunt down Lycans. Unbeknownst to Selene, head Lycan Lucian (a sexy Michael Sheen) is planning to bred a race of half-vampire half-lycans.
It’s dark and has some awesome stunts and at a time when I was becoming disenchanted with the vampire genre, it really made me question my life long love of vampires. I found myself stopping and asking myself “are werewolves as cool than vampires?” Yes. Yes they are.

2. Footsteps in the Fog (1955)
(Genre: Crime/Thriller)

When a man murders his wife, his housemaid is a witness to the event and subsequently blackmails him, attempting to become the mistress of the house. Suffice to say, the murdering husband isn’t too keen on the idea and plans his next murder.
Very atmospheric and has a great cast, I stumbled upon this on television by accident a few years ago but it became an instant favourite of mine.

3. Murder on the Orient Express (1974)
(Genre: Crime/Whodunit)

There are many film adaptations of Christie’s novels that I could have chosen – Death on the Nile is another particular favourite film – but there is something about the big reveal of Murder on the Orient Express that piques all others to the post.I love a good Christie. And it doesn’t come much better than this. Even though I prefer the David Suchet Poirot adaptation I made a conscious decision to include no made-for-tv or television adaptation in this list.  Continue reading “Favourite Films (1-10)”

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“I stepped in to an avalanche, it covered up my soul…”

Nick Cave’s cover of Avalanche for Black Sails. I can’t seem to find out any information about purchasing this version of this song.

I know the original version of Cave’s cover is on his first album with the Bad Seeds, but that’s not the version I am interested in. It is not nearly as haunting enough. But the BS version is heart-breaking and beautiful and it doesn’t appear on any album. Not a Nick Cave album. Not the Black Sails Official Soundtrack. Even if I could download it illegally, I wouldn’t. My stance on pirating (no pun intended) music has not changed. In fact, if it has changed in anyway I am more against it. My lament at the demise of HMV the other week is testament to the destructive nature of downloading, legal and illegal. It is harder and harder to find a place you can enter and purchase a hard copy of music. That was one of my  most favourite things ever in life since I was a teenager. Since I could afford music and not have to depend upon what my siblings and parents purchased.

The handiness of iTunes is….handy. One click a song is on you computer/iphone/whatever. Plug it in and it’s linked to an iPod/MP3 Player (do people still used them?) and you’ve music that is light and easy on the go. But it’s not yours. It’s rental. A CD feels yours. You have it in your hand. It’s stacked on your shelf. Not a virtual thing that can disappear when your computer gets a virus.

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Cursed Child

It is officially out. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Hoggis and Figs in the city centre had an official HP themed night leading up until the midnight release. For those who thought Potter-mania was over, it was clear once the line beginning in Dawson street and wrapped around until it reached Grafton Street they were wrong.
It looked fun. They had a wizard band, spell competitions etc Raging I didn’t go and drag my nephew with me (you know, so I wouldn’t look TOO much of a loon) but I don’t want the temptation of having the book there.
How on earth am I going to last until October?
Damn you crappy planning on behalf of the theatre!!! I had early access to purchasing tickets. I went out of my way to achieve pre-book acceptance. Then, when the time came I waited dutifully for over an hour to be next in line to actually purchase tickets. Then what? Then it was MAC incompatible. MAC INCOMPATIBLE!!! In this day and age ffs. When everyone and their mother has an iPhone, iPod, iPad or/and the rest. MAC INCOMPATIBLE.
I could have had tickets for August. I wouldn’t have had too long of a wait. All I have now is this extreme example of a first world problem!

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Bear’s Den

These are a great band. I’ve this song on repeat for the last day or so.

Bear’s Den Isaac

I miss being able to walk into a music shop and wile away an hour browsing the CD’s for something new. The music stores we have left have the mainstream diet of Rihanna, Swift and “oldies” like ABBA and Bob Dylan compilations. You can’t just walk in and find little gems like this anymore. It’s iTunes now. Or a long trek into town. For someone who loves a hardcopy to hold in her hands, it’s worth the trek when I have something like Bear’s Den new album Red Earth & Pouring Rain, but I’m not guaranteed they’ll actually have the album. It’s dreadful. To think I may soon have to start ordering CD’s on amazon *shudder*

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They giveth and then they taketh away

So it is official – Black Sails Season 4 will be the last.

Fuck, fuck, fuck. Fuckity, fuck, fuck!

Easily the best show on television by a country mile (what an odd expression! Are rural miles longer than urban ones?) and it is cut down in it’s prime(-time tv.)
I guess it is ironic, since it is a show about pirates and from one ep to the next ep you never know which character is going for the chop.
Oh but I am sad. I thought it would go straight up until the events of Treasure Island and we are at least 15 years off that possibility with only one more season to screen. (To screen. Not even too shoot.) There is no hope that it’ll end with young Jim Hawkins serving a fierce, bitter and alcoholic Billy Bones. Wasted opportunity.
This has really, really put me in a bad mood. It is such a fantastic show, with brilliant plot and amazing character development. I can’t think of any other show that manages to incorporate each of its main cast in such a way that no character feels lacking. From Flint to Silver to Vane to Anne and Max, they’ve all changed so much and in a believable way (I know a lot of nay-sayers hated the Flint bi-sexual twist – yet same people only fine with Eleanor being bi-sexual! – but I thought it fantastic that bisexuality was finally getting recognised. LBGT representation in film and television has come a long way and needs to come further and I’d like to see an acknowledgement of bisexual people (who aren’t portrayed as simply in limbo before they suddenly realise they’re gay or sex addicts) and asexuals (who aren’t portrayed as being on the autism scale.)
I may joke around with shipping Flint/Silver and saying that they’ve been eye-fucking each other since season 2, but honestly I’m just pleased we’ve finally a brilliant bisexual representation in Flint. One the writers of Black Sails should be proud off, unlike the queer-baiting of the Supernatural writers who CLEARLY write Dean as bisexual, but either don’t fully canonise it due to the network or – I honestly think – because of Jensen.

I guess they are doing a Breaking Bad – going out while its at its peak. That doesn’t mean I won’t miss it terribly.

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London’s Calling

Delighted to say my best friend loved her gift. At one stage say said “my face hurts from smiling so much.” Which is basically the best compliment any one can say when you present them with a gift.

I brought a big bag with me when we met as a ploy, attempting to make her think whatever she was getting wasn’t written on a thin slip of paper inserted neatly in her card. It worked. Me and my wily ways *evil cackles*

Now all that’s to do is to make up a mental list of all the things we want to see/do in London and then wait until October rolls around.

Cannot wait!